My cat's poops are (a) bigger than before (b) harder than before (c) looser/softer than before - should I be concerned?

It's not uncommon for cat’s poops to change texture or size while they adjust to a new food. Make sure you follow our Transition Guide to ease them into the new food.

It’s also possible that their poops will stay a new texture with the nutrient profile of our food. Generally, this isn’t an issue so long as your cat seems happy and their bathroom behavior is otherwise normal! Always ensure your cat has access to fresh water to stay hydrated and a fresh litter box(es) to do their business.

Your cat's health is our top priority but we’re not able to provide you with medical advice.

If you are noticing more concerning symptoms such as (but not limited to) blood in stool, distressed vocalization while pooping or attempting to poop, not pooping at all, or persistent diarrhea, it may be time to contact your vet!

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