My cat isn’t eating at all - what should I do?

Having trouble getting your cat to eat Really Great Cat Food? No worries! First off, let's figure out if your cat:

a) Prefers their usual food over Really Great Cat Food

b) Isn't eating anything at all

For scenario (a), it's likely just a matter of adjustment. Try a 10-day transition period, gradually introducing the new food alongside their old favorite. If your cat typically eats room temperature wet food, a cold portion from the fridge is likely unappealing so you could try adding some warm water or microwaving the food for a few seconds before serving. 

If your cat isn't eating anything at all scenario (b), keep an eye on them. Your cat's health is our top priority, and we want to ensure they're happy and healthy but we’re not able to provide you with medical advice! If it's been 24 hours without food or they’re showing other signs of distress, we’d suggest you consult a vet.

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