What is our Quality Assurance & Testing:

  • Made with safe ingredients: we developed a formula for RGCL pellets which is free of chemicals, clays, perfumes, silica and other harmful ingredients. All ingredients are natural and can be composted or flushed. Note that not all areas allow flushing or composting cat feces so it’s best to check your local regulations.
  • Process effectively: we process through a multi-step process to form durable pellets and remove dust so that there is significantly less dust when pouring and scooping than other types of litter.
  • Produce in reputable facility: We work with manufacturing professionals who have many years of experience in plant-based litter that follow good business practices and understand the product technology
  • Testing and Inspections: We had a series of test phases throughout the development to ensure performance and safety. We also conduct tests and inspections with each production run to ensure the on-going product meets quality standards. The activities executed by a combination of internal and 3rd Party agencies include:
  • lab testing of the material to ensure no toxins/molds
  • lab testing to ensure flushability
  • testing to ensure performance markers are met
  • focus group of user testing to assess performance and use with real cats
  • Quality control at the manufacturing facility throughout production
  • Final quality inspection before shipping
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