My cat does not like the Really Great Cat Litter?

  • I am sorry to hear that your cat is not loving her new Really Great Cat Litter. Cats certainly can undoubtedly be very particular in their choice of litter types. Especially if they are making a point to try and pick it out themselves;). This suggests to me that they likely does not like the new texture. It is essential to slowly integrate the RGCL into her current litter. However, aside from the texture, it could also be the scent or the sight of it. So if either of these are the case, it can still be possible to persuade them.
  • Here are a few tips you can try:
  • You may have already tried these ratios, but start with 10:90 (new to old). If it is a texture issue - then a super slow transition can occur if just given a little extra time. Gradually increase the ratios over a couple of weeks. It may take a bit longer depending on their experiences as you go. To encourage them inside the litter box - place a small scoop of used litter (that contains their scent). This will help them to associate the space as theirs already.
  • Rub (or spray) the entrance and back edge of their litter box with catnip to entice their interest more. This may also help give them peace of mind.
  • Provide plenty of verbal praise. Whenever they investigate the new mixed litter (even just a sniff or two of the box itself). Reward them with "good name". By providing positive reinforcement allows them to associate this space as a desirable one.
  • Use yummy treats to congratulate any success of venturing inside and using the litter/litter box correctly. This will encourage them to continue with the right behavior. So only provide the treat if there is a successful outcome. If they behave in such a way (picking at the litter, seems stressed or jumps out right away) then they will associate that as what they are being rewarded for. This may take a few times. And can be phased out. * Not recommended if they is over her ideal weight.
  • Consider the location and the litter box itself. I only suggest this; if you have made any recent changes to either of these as well. Keeping everything else as normal and consistent to their daily routine will help keep them happy with the transition.
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