Does Really Great Cat Litter clump

  • Our litter is a clumping litter so if the cat is using it, you should definitely be seeing clumps. You can see a clump being removed in this  video, for example.
    Do you have any additional litter boxes available in the home? If yes, your cat may simply be using the other litter box because it is familiar so no clumps = no pee yet!
    If that's the case, I'd recommend following a gradual transition to help the cat get used to the new litter - here's a  transition video to help with that process
  • Performance may be affected by heat and humidity. May I ask if your litter box is in a damp or humid location such as a bathroom? Try moving the litter box to somewhere dryer if possible.
  • Try adding more fill in the litter box (2-3inches)
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