Is this litter really flushable?

  • Yes! Really Great Cat Litter is flushable so long as you follow our guidelines. First, check with your local and state regulations before flushing; not all cities allow flushing cat feces as pathogens can remain present and contaminate water or soil.
  • If your area allows it, then this litter may be flushed in a well-maintained septic system. Use your scoop to break up larger clumps as needed, with each one being no bigger than a billiard ball. Only flush one or two small scoops of litter at a time. Never put large amounts of litter in the toilet.  Not for use with low-flow toilets. Avoid flushing the litter into a sump pump hole that has to pump waste uphill. tuft + paw will not be responsible for damages resulting from misuse of its products.
  • California residents: According to California law, residents should not flush cat litter down toilets or dispose in drains.
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